How to Avoid hibernating in Winter and Keep kicking your Cold weather goals:

Written by: Dean Liuzzi
Published: March 2, 2023

Well let’s be honest we haven’t had much of a summer besides it kicking into gear late in 2022. We have had rain, extreme heat and of course the cold. With Summer coming to a close and the cooler months rolling around quicker than the AFL season, here are some strategies to keep you kicking your Cold Weather goals.

  1. If you like walking how about when it’s raining or miserable outside heading to your local shopping centre to work on your walking goals and targets. At places like Sunshine Marketplace, Highpoint, Keilor shopping centre and Craigieburn shopping centre, there is plenty of warm and more importantly flat ground to walk on. And of course, plenty of chairs if you need rest. Now no more excuses behind not being able to go for a walk when the weather is bad!
  2. Find a community or training partner. We all know how hard it is to get up or train afterwork when the weather is miserable and not exciting. Whether it’s getting a friend to exercise with or joining our Simply Stronger group, this will help with keeping you on track, motivated and more importantly active. The social aspect of exercise is often underrated. How good will a coffee and scone feel with the Simply Stronger crew just after you achieved some of your goals.
  3. Maybe the gym or at home isn’t your cup of tea, have you tried exercising in a warm water pool like the ones we have at Brimbank, Sunshine and Craigieburn. Often, we say it’s too cold or it’s raining and that’s our excuse not to exercise. Maybe have a go at the warm water pools, it feels great on the body and can still work towards those targets that you have without having to worry about the body freezing over. Give it a go you’d be surprised how challenging the exercises can be.
  4. You may be thinking these ideas are great but what else can i try. Maybe you can try giving yourself a treat at the end of the week as a reward for hitting your exercise targets. Help yourself to coffee, hot chocolate or go out for brunch as your weekly/monthly/fortnightly treat to yourself for sticking through and braving the winter chill. How amazing will that hot chocolate taste after you have smashed some of your exercise targets and goals.
  5. Be realistic about your schedule and plan out your exercise. We know it’s going to cold and not overly enjoyable weather. Set yourself some realistic targets of exercise per week. We don’t expect you to be doing crazy amounts particularly if you are like us and enjoy the warm weather. However, set yourself a realistic commitment you can stick to and more importantly put it your calendar, diary, phone reminders to keep you on task.
  6. Last but not least if you have a furry friend at home maybe you can aim to take them for a walk and brave the cold weather together. I’m sure they’d appreciate it and give you a big cuddle later as well.