MK Movement have the solution for your needs with our specialised gym and hydro based groups.

How do our groups work?

Groups run at our 3 locations that we work from. SPLASH Craigieburn, Brimbank Aquatic & Wellness Centre and Sunshine Leisure Centre.

To achieve great health outcomes and goals, groups run for a fixed period of time of 12 weeks. We have found that this is a suitable amount of time for you to see awesome results!

Each person will have a one-on-one session with your practitioner in the gym/pool taking you through your personalised program designed by an exercise physiologist prior to starting your 12-week block of weekly group sessions. This is to ensure you are confident completing your program Week 1.

Groups are kept small and intimate for plenty of practitioner time during sessions with capped numbers of 6 participants.

Because we care about you achieving your goals, we schedule a post program assessment review session so we can measure your pre-group vs post group results as well as discuss and solidify the plans for you moving forward.

We also cover your entry costs if you are not already a member of the facility. All you need to do is go to the front desk and sign in under MK Movement and the friendly team at the front desk will let you through to the area where the class is running.

Why our groups?

Group culture is everything at MK Movement. People know your name and get to know you so you remain accountable.

We shout monthly coffee catch up’s post group and share some yarns and have a laugh. 

We have 2 awesome annual lunch events each year (July and December) which group members are welcomed to join.

We celebrate the wins and progress that everyone is making in the group.

We like to give back as a group to the community through important local charities, causes or groups that mean something special to us.

We have loads of fun! Bring a plate day, wear your footy colours etc…

How much are your groups?

Upfront options for 12 weeks for $450 and $720 are also available which gives you a whole heap of savings.

If you have private health insurance you may be eligible to claim under your extra’s. Please call to check.

The item code is 502 for the group and 202 for the program walk through and post program review. 

For you to be enrolled into our capped classes you must complete the following:

 One on one program walkthrough (pre-commencement of group) (45 mins)


Re-assessment post 12-week group class (45 mins)

Cancellation Policy


If you are unable to make a session due to being hospitalised or COVID-19, you are able to have your session pack extended.

If you will be away due to holidays you are required to let your practitioner know in advance (>2 weeks) so we can plan accordingly for you and not let you down with your goals.

For any issues regarding your group appointments, we ask you to contact your practitioner’s mobile via calling during business hours. SMS is not accepted.

Sessions expire after a period of 6 months. This is to keep you accountable and adhere to your goal.

Simply Stronger

Tailored strength and conditioning program in an elite gym environment supervised by qualified strength and conditioning/exercise physiology coaches. Simply stronger is for people who are serious about their training and want serious results. Classes are great for people who need supervision and knowledge in what to do on a weekly basis in a group of other like-minded people.


Supervised exercise class in a high quality warm water facility with a group of 6 people.
An expert exercise physiologist will be in the water with you the entire time, guiding you in what you need to complete for your specific goal or rehab.

Junior Athletic Sports Academy

Access to elite strength and conditioning coaches in a first-class facility to assist with taking your child’s game to
the next level. Limited spots available.

Type 2 Diabetes Group Program

Did you know that you are eligible to receive 8 subsidised exercise group sessions in a small group via Medicare. If you have type 2 diabetes and want to learn the actions and behaviours to reduce your HBA1C % or blood glucose levels, then print this form and take it to your local GP to fill out and get in touch with us.