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No matter who you are; or what your goal; if you are willing to work hard
and change, MK Movement coaches can help you live the life that you want.

Melbourne’s #1 Authority in Providing Premium
Care and Exercise Rehabilitation
in the Northern and Western Suburbs

We have been helping change the lives of our local community through exercise since 2017.
We love seeing people live life to their fullest and that’s why we exist.


Through our experience in the industry, we know what works and what doesn’t.

You can expect MK Movement to live by the following:

We get results and positive health outcomes.

We provide people with a clear pathway to their goals.

We take an active and sensitive approach with recovery.

We provide evidence-based treatment which actually works.

We educate and empower people so we can get you to self-manage and rely less on health practitioners.

We go above and beyond for our MK Movement family.

Most importantly, we have loads of fun when we train.

How our sessions generally work: 
What is involved?

We breakdown our sessions into 4 parts

We take a subjective assessment where we get to know you, you give us some background information about what’s going on (e.g. medical history, previous and current exercise training, what has or hasn’t worked in the past), what your goals are.

We assess what’s going on which could involve some aerobic or muscular tests, a few objective assessments like blood pressure, height, weight etc, a functional movement analysis and maybe some balance tests.

We come up with an exercise and lifestyle plan that we think will suit you based on what we have found in our subjective questions and assessments.

Both parties come up with a plan moving forward that we think will work long term. Whether it be completing home exercises, ongoing 1:1 training, group rehabilitation or something else that is suited to you. We aim to come up with the right plan that will get you the best results possible.

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Great experience with Matty and Ciella and Dean at MK over 2 years skilled and professional Exercise Physiologists: motivating, focussed on individual strengths, sensitive to each person- I could not be doing this well without you thank you

Maryanne W.

Matt, Ciella and Dean at MK movement are so very knowledgeable, professional and flexible

Matt, Ciella and Dean at MK movement are so very knowledgeable, professional and flexible with me and my teenage son. They work collaboratively, are generous with their time and knowledge and teaching us what we need to become healthy and reach our fitness goals. Highly recommend them!!

Michelle and Lee

I’m very pleased with the progress we’ve made

Matt from MK Movement has been helping me rebuild my strength and fitness after lung surgery. The home and hydrotherapy programs he prepares are tailored to my recovery goals, and our face-to-face sessions are always very motivating. I’m very pleased with the progress we’ve made and highly recommend Matt and his team.

Jonathan N.

Matt & the MK Movement team have been phenomenal

Matt & the MK Movement team have been phenomenal. From the initial meeting on goal setting, through to the development of a range of exercise programs. The coaching and expertise they offer been amazing.
Achieving the great results I have been having, while using the MK Movement team is made even better by the positive approach they bring. Always look forward to seeing them for a session.

Aaron B.

They have supported me in every way

Dean & Matt have been my motivators.  They have supported me in every way when I was feeling at my lowest. I highly recommend them. Thankyou so much Dean & Matt x

Christine R.

Thank you Matt, Dean and Ciella xo

I have had both knees & a hip replaced within 12 months. The team at MK Movements have continuously been there to motivate, support and push me in the right direction through out my rehab – so much so that I am now able to enjoy those long walks with my dogs along the beach & those cheeky visits to the gym – pain free. Thank you Matt, Dean and Ciella xo

Lisa H.

I highly recommend them

The team here really looked after me and provided me with the best care that was catered to my lifestyle. I highly recommend them, can’t find any better. Thank you to Matt and Dean for all of your effort in getting me in shape for my surgery!!

Aydin C.

MK movement a fantastic lovely group of people

Can not fault MK movement a fantastic lovely group of people. They are amazing with my kids. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to work on health and fitness.

Victoria D.

Would highly recommend Mk movement

Been with Mk Movement for over a year now Matt and his team have been very patient with me as I’ve had multiple major surgeries between all my appointments for my rehabilitation, they have a great understanding of what is needed to help me on my journey to recovery. Would highly recommend Mk movement to anyone who needs tailored rehabilitation.

Simon V

Dean has been so helpful and understanding

Dean has been so helpful and understanding throughout the process of my rehabilitation. He’s caring, supportive and highly motivating. I highly recommend Matt and Dean!

Cinzia D.

Matt & Dean are very profession

Matt & Dean are very profession, helpful, caring and patient. They will listen to all your questions. They will work with you, a programme that is achievable to your level of fitness. Highly recommend.

Vivien M.

Once you meet Matt you know you are in the best hands

I highly recommend Matt to anyone that wants to move forward with any type of injury. I had a bad car accident in 2013 and have been to several exercise physiologists and have not moved forward. I can honestly say that once you meet Matt you know you are in the best hands. Matt has made such a difference with my recovery and well being in a short time that I wished I had known about him earlier. He is dedicated, experienced and professional and really makes a genuine effort to help you with your recovery. Matt is easy to understand and he is very thorough in explaining all aspects of your treatment plan, Matt encouraged me to buy a book on understanding pain which is easy to read and has been very helpful. I look forward to being under Matt’s guidance until he feels I am strong enough to be independent again. I am officially “The President of Matt’s Fan Club”! I encourage anyone that reads this post to see Matt if you want to make a positive difference in your life. If only the Transport Accident Commission could clone Matt for everyone else. Katy x

Katy W.


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