How to improve your speed and agility so you can be the fastest on the team?

by | Jul 18, 2024 | Blog

There’s not long left of pre-season as we head into matches very shortly after Easter for most team based sports in Victoria. Working as a strength and conditioning coach for over 8 years I have noticed 2 key mistakes local athletes make during the pre-season and in-season period.

The first biggest mistake is that athletes think to get fast and agile that it will just magically happen or you must be genetically gifted to be quick. Don’t get me wrong, Usain Bolt has some crazy genetics that he has leveraged however, if he did no training to complement his genetic ability, then he wouldn’t be the fasted man in the world.

What people need to understand is, speed and agility can be trained and improved. ..just like any other type of component of your training! It’s no different to improving your aerobic capacity by doing cardio specific training, or improving your strength levels by lifting some iron and so on… There is no secret to becoming faster, other than having a few dedicated sessions or exposures each week to high speed quality sprinting efforts.

As a rough guide, we recommend athletes taking a short to long approach. This means beginning with short distance acceleration speed work from 5-30m over a period of 6 weeks and progressing to long efforts with distances ranging from 30-60m for a further 6 weeks. The pre-season is the easiest time to schedule in these sessions where 1-2 days per week you could complete your speed training work. Just make sure you are doing it whilst you’re feeling pretty fresh and not too fatigued. That means, before training, before the gym or on days of the week where you don’t have any other training scheduled on.

The second big mistake is during the “In-season” athletes stop these speed sessions or exposures… Basically what happens is all the hard work you did prior goes down the drain… Can you imagine if you trained x3 days per week in the gym from November to March and then suddenly stopped training in the gym until the finals series in September because matches have started? You are going to gradually going to become weak as shit and loose all that muscle you built! This same principle remains for maintaining or even slightly improving your speed during the in-season. Remember, we need you hitting your straps and being at your peak when it’s finals in August/September… Not in March!

MK Movement has developed a 12 week speed training E-book which takes the guess work out for your speed sessions. It has everything at your finger tips including an exercise video library of 100+ videos, sets, reps, warm up’s and other educational resources to make sure 2023 is your stand out year and separate yourself from everyone else who isn’t doing this! Head onto our website under the resource section and click on e-books.

We hope you have a successful 2023 sporting campaign. With love from the MK Movement team!