Ciella Berman (BExSc & MExPhys)

Ciella graduated from the Australian Catholic University with a Bachelor in Exercise and Sports Science in 2018, followed by the completion of
her Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology in 2021.

Throughout her last 3 years of study Ciella’s had the opportunity to work with clients from all backgrounds such as spinal cord injury, Poly-cystic
ovarian syndrome and post-surgery rehabilitation. During this time she was able to gain experience in both private practice, community health and
the private hospital system. This has allowed her to expand her skills within exercise prescription to be able to work with an array of client’s with different and complex needs.

Ciella’s passion area is oncology rehabilitation, this stems from the current gap she sees between standard cancer care and the application of exercise therapy to manage side effects of cancer and anti-cancer treatments. Other area’s of interest for Ciella include musculoskeletal conditions, mental health and female health.

 What Ciella loves most about her job is being able to assist people in building their own skills and knowledge around the benefits of exercise, she
believes everyone has the capacity to be able to move better and feel better if given the right tools and guidance. Ciella’s also a big believer in giving people the opportunity to feel heard and supported and will always show up to everyone session with open ears and big heart.