Through our experience in the industry we know what works and what doesn’t.

You can expect MK Movement to live by the following:

We get results and positive health outcomes.

We provide people with a clear pathway to their goals.

We take an active and sensitive approach with recovery.

We provide evidence-based treatment which actually works.

We educate and empower people so we can get you to self-manage and rely less on health practitioners.

We go above and beyond for our MK Movement family.

Most importantly, we have loads of fun when we train.

How our sessions generally work: 
What is involved?

We breakdown our sessions into 4 parts

We take a subjective assessment where we get to know you, you give us some background information about what’s going on (e.g. medical history, previous and current exercise training, what has or hasn’t worked in the past), what your goals are.

We assess what’s going on which could involve some aerobic or muscular tests, a few objective assessments like blood pressure, height, weight etc, a functional movement analysis and maybe some balance tests.

We come up with an exercise and lifestyle plan that we think will suit you based on what we have found in our subjective questions and assessments.

Both parties come up with a plan moving forward that we think will work long term. Whether it be completing home exercises, ongoing 1:1 training, group rehabilitation or something else that is suited to you. We aim to come up with the right plan that will get you the best results possible.