1:1 Exercise Physiology

Your coach and mentor will guide you through your entire health journey. From the high’s and low’s that comes with behaviour change, to problem solving any health or movement issues and tailoring your program to your specific goals and health.

 Sessions generally run for 45 mins for initial appointments and 45 mins for all review appointments.

 We currently accept all types of clients for 1 on 1 sessions including:

 Each person may require a different amount of visits to achieve their goal. This will be discussed on your initial session and a detailed roadmap will be created so you will be crystal clear about all of the logical actions & steps that we need to take.



 Initial appointments are 45 minutes in duration.
Standard review appointments are 45 minutes in duration.
Group Classes are 45-60 minutes.

 To view our list of weekly classes please click here: (Timetable)



If you would like an appointment, you can phone 0482 030 795 for a booking or enter your details on the contact page and one of our team members will contact you to arrange a suitable appointment time. Alternatively, click the “FREE 15 min free roadmap call” button on the top right hand corner of the website.

Private Clients:

If you have private health cover you may be eligible to claim a rebate for Exercise Physiology Services depending on your type of cover. Following the consultation, our admin team will email you the receipt which can be directly emailed to your private health insurer to claim your rebate. Each Private Health Insurer is different, and therefore the benefits available will vary.

For a list of Private Health Funds who accept Exercise Physiology services please click HERE

Payment is to be made at the time of your appointment using our EFTPOS facilities, cash or direct debit.

Our charge for private 45 min consultations is $125.